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The Program:

A personally tailored mix of tools designed to reach your goals and fit into your lifestyle. 


The Program was born out of research on how to enhance performance for the US military, studying the highest performers in the toughest environments on Earth. We give you the insights, coaching, technology, and concierge support to uncover what you truly need to feel and perform at your best.


How it works: 

We’ll send you wearables, schedule your labs, match you with your very own Performance Advisor, and collect baseline data to develop your first Program. Each Program iteration is designed as a set of mini-experiments to help us identify the optimal solutions for you.


•  Daily action items based on your toolkit and data capture

•  Weekly 30 minute video check-in with your Performance Advisor to iterate on your Program

•  Monthly Labs to assess biomarkers


Support Team & Perks:

Fount’s Performance Advisors combine deep experience in mental & physical performance from time in elite military units with intensive training in physiology and performance.


Our app will guide you through your day-to-day down to specific meditations and meal timing optimized for you.


You also get special access to unique targeted solutions that are typically only available to professional sports teams and special operations units.



Core Program - 4 months @ $3750/mo. After Core, you graduate to a Support Program (~$750/mo).


The Program is all inclusive — we take care of all your blood tests, any technology or supplements, personal training, and anything else we can do to get you to your goals.